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afternoon of life

What is a legacy?
It is the poetry of your life, expressed in creative everlasting ways to be cherished for generations. Creative Legacy projects are designed uniquely for each client.  From photo organization, design story books, Legacy Travel, and many more.

Attend one of our Legacy Cafes (virtual or in local community) and learn how to take the first steps in navigating your legacy.


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curate your stories

Compass Rose Memories offers a personalized experience to help you remember and honor your life stories. We will help you curate your memories by organizing printed and digital photos, letters, cards, and other legacy artifacts. Our mission is to give you the tools to organize your original memories and make them accessible so you can start your creative legacy project.

navigate your legacy

Our Creative Legacy Project service is dedicated to helping you navigate your memories for generations to come. Our projects are designed to capture your life story, memories, and experiences in a meaningful way. We offer a variety of creative formats to choose from, such as custom photo books, story books, slideshows/videos, journals, legacy boxes, and more. We will help you organize your legacy items and create a treasured heirloom for your family.

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compass rose legacy cafe

At compass rose legacy cafe, we offer a safe and welcoming space for you to explore your life stories and those of your loved ones. Our interactive events, community workshops and seminars provide a platform for meaningful conversation, exploration, and reflection. We invite you to be part of our legacy community and join us in cultivating a supportive and collaborative environment to share your life legacy. Our private virtual cafe is starting, become a community member.
Local community events will be scheduled monthly, check back for dates.

legacy travel

We offer a unique service that helps you make the most of your travels by turning the memories into something you can share with family and friends. Your journey may be a vacation, a day trip, or a reflective moment spent in your backyard. We will guide you through the process of creating a lasting legacy of your travel time, with custom-made books, journal story, videos, and more. When you come home from your adventure, capture the memories and keep the experience alive in your heart.

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