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A time to honor.
A time to remember.
A time to carry the fire.

We walk alongside our client's family and friends on the journey to carry forth the legacy of their loved ones, a Creative Kaddish.

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a time to honor
a time to remember

We will sit with you. We will listen. As a Legacy Doula, I understand the importance of ritual and tradition in the period following death, and we are here to support whatever customs you have in place to honor your loved one. We provide personalized services such as companionship, memorial planning and legacy planning, so that you can find comfort in a time of darkness and uncertainty. Let us shine a light of understanding and love as you turn to us in your time of need.

carry the fire

Carry the Fire is a unique service to honor your loved one's legacy. Through this experience, you can reflect on the legacy your loved one has left to you and how you are living it out in your life. Additionally, you can think about the legacy you want to leave to your loved ones. We will help you find the words and actions that will illuminate the path now and for generations to come - a living legacy that will help your loved ones carry on your light.  

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creative kaddish

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The Carry The Fire Remembrance Ritual, or what we call, “Creative Kaddish,” modernizes, universalizes, and personalizes this ancient ritual. This ancient kabbalistic ritual will inspire and empower you in becoming a guardian of your loved one’s story.

It is for anyone, from any religion, spiritual practice, or belief system. Whether you are religious or atheist, spiritual, secular or agnostic, you will feel comfortable, and find nurturing in this ritual. Kaddish reminds us that although there is nothing we can do about our loved one’s physical death, we can, and must, become a guardian of their “story.”
A Creative Kaddish can take many different forms – a book, a simple prayer, a collection of photos, or a Creative Kaddish box. We will work with you to create your unique ritual.


A person dies two deaths,
once when their body dies and
once when their story dies.

Ernest Hemmingway

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